Keywords : Vitamin B12

Effect of Different Level of Iron and Vitamin B12 Injection on Production Performance and some Physiological Characteristics of Blood in Awassi Lamb

Wasem K. Ahmad; Wissam J. Mohammed; Mohammed S. Abrahem

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2019, Volume 28, Issue 3, Pages 55-60
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2019.163158

       This study was conducted on 15 Awassi lambs with an average weight 11kg and with average age (1 month) these lambs were randomly divided into three groups, (5 animal/  group) 1st  group as control, The 2nd group was injected subcutaneously once every ten days with Iron and vitamin B12 (4.54 mg/kg body weight/a living animal, 4.54 mg/kg body weight / a living animal) respectively, the 3rd group lambs were injected with iron and vitamin B12  (9.09 mg /kg body weight /a living animal 9.09 mg/kg body weight /a living animal) respectively. The results showed a significant effect (p<0.05) for 2nd and 3rd group compared with control group in (red blood cell, hemoglobin concentration, Glucose, Triglyceride, body weight) and the result show the 3rd group had a significant effect (p<0.05) compared with control group in (packed cell volume) there was no significant effect (p<0.05) between the groups in (Albumin, globulin and total protein concentration, in conclusion The enhancing of iron level and vitamin B12 led to improvement, body weight and some blood characteristics in awassi lambs.