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Elevation of the Inhibitory Action of Standard Antimicrobials (Ciprofloxacin and Chlorhexidine) by some Natural Materials against Three Periodontal Pathogens

Sumaya A.S.M. Al-Hamdoni; Amera M. Al-Rawi

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 1-9
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2020.165354

Maintaining the level of periodontal bacteria under control represents the basis for reducing periodontal infections. Therapeutic therapy along with scaling aids to prevent the causative agent from recolonizing the treated surface. As natural substitutes, this study aimed to verify the validity of two natural products, olibanum and alum as inhibitors of periodontal pathogens and also as supporting agents to elevate the anti-action of the pre- validated antimicrobials, ciprofloxacin and chlorhexidine. The study chose three periodontal bacteria, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Tannerella forsythia and Treponema denticola as representative taxa because they are considered the more virulent with high proteolytic activity. The antimicrobial activity was studied to find out the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) values using resazurin- based microdilution assay. The cooperative interaction between reagents was studied by calculating the fractional inhibitory concentration (FIC) values, analyzing the statistical difference between the single and combinational use and comparing the inhibition zone by agar diffusion. The results proved the inhibitory activity of olibanum and alum against the three pathogens and their high efficacy in improving the inhibitory action of the two standard drugs which was evidenced by the lowered MIC values, calculated FIC values, enlarged inhibition zone and statistical significance of the combinational use. The study concluded the successful use of olibanum and alum in reducing the red complex pathogens either in a single use or in combination as a pure natural preparation and also raising the anti- action of lower concentrations of ciprofloxacin and chlorhexidin.

90 nm Current Mirror Based Transimpedance Amplifiers for Fiber Optic Applications

Asmaa Z. Al-Kawaz; Muhammed Subhi Hameed Alsheikhjader

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 10-22
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2020.165355

This research displayed the new design of a 90 nm CMOS technology transimpedance amplifier (TIA) with current mirror executed. The goal and challenge in this research are to arrive at low consumption of power while activating other required performances. Integrated circuits CMOS(Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) tend to be the best technology achieving the desired level of integration with appropriate speed, cost, and gain for this were used. The proposed transimpedance amplifier (TIA) consists of a common-gate (CG) topology with a current mirror to increase TIA gain and common-source (CS) TIA with the active feedback resistor. In addition, to verify the proposed TIA performance, circuit simulations are done in NI Multisim 14.1 using 90nm CMOS technology parameters. Therefore, the simulation results of the proposed TIA for 90 nm CMOS technology indicate a transimpedance gain of 66.63 dBΩ with -3dB frequency bandwidth of around 1.0 GHz for input capacitance of 250 fF, input-referred noise of 25.413 pA/and with the power consumption of only 1.08m at 1V supply voltage. This low power consumption and supply voltage are the main emphases of this work in comparison with other research literature.

Effect of Essential Oil Isolated from Rosmarinus officinalis Leaves on the Vitality of Echinococcus granulosus Protoscoleces of Sheep Outside the Organism in vitro

Arkan Sheet; Abdulkhaliq A. Mahaimed

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 1-10
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2020.165357

This study was carried out at the beginning of September 2018 to the end of August 2019, the current study involves the effect of the essential oils of rosemary plant leaves on vitality of Echinococcus granulosus protoscolices. So using modified drip-type steam distillation device (Clevenger), the biological effectiveness of the essential oils were tested and its effect was effective in vitality of primacies protoscolices using concentrations 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 mg / ml and times of 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes and  didn’t show a significant difference among used concentrations and duration on the probability level p<0.05, this led to the mortality of all protoscolices with 100% percentage in all duration and concentrations used on the test.
          Deduced from the current study the biological activity of the essential oils of rosmary leaves against the protoscolices, so we recommend increasing interest in these extracts and it's use against this epidemic disease  and during surgery to remove the hydatid cysts.

Effect of Soil Cultivar with Legume in Germination and Growth of Cucumbers

Wasan Salih Hussain

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 11-19
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2020.165359

The allelopathic effect was studied to sequence varieties of cucumbers in soils cultivated previously with plants (broad bean, peas, chickpeas), as the results of this study showed that allelopathy had an effect on germination and growth of cucumbers, as previously cultivated soils caused legumes (broad bean, peas, chickpeas) significantly reduced. In the percentage of germination and germination speed, while it caused an increase in the height and dry weight of the vegetative group of cucumber varieties tested in most treatments, the highest percentage increase was 24% for the cultivars of the cultivar Beitha alpha after the chickpea plant. And on the role of allelopathy and its effect on the modulus of division and the phase factor of the cells of the roots of the roots of the cucumber seedlings gave a difference in their effect between the increase and the decrease, as the soil planted with chickpeas caused an increase in the division factor and the coefficient of the introductory phase of the Biyar dalta class, which was accompanied by a decrease in the coefficients of the separation and the final phase, accompanied by a decrease in Root total length.
The study also showed an increase in the number of root branching of the cultivated cultivars following the broad bean plant, accompanied by an increase in the length of the vegetative system.

Investigate some Species of Candida Contaminated with Yogurt and Tested its Sensitivity to some Antibiotics

Badia Abd Al_Razzak Malla Obaeda

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 20-29
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2020.165361

Twenty-five samples of sheep yogurt were collected from different regions in Nineveh Governorate, marketed to local markets in the city of Mosul / Iraq. Isolates were diagnosed after phenotypic; culture and biochemical tests and the diagnosis was confirmed using API 20C test. The results showed that yeasts belong to the following species: Candida guilliermondii 28%, C. krusei 12%, C. norvegensis 36% and C. utilis 24%. The resistance of isolates was studied for six antibiotics. The results of the sensitivity examination showed a variation in the resistance of yeasts to antibiotics and yeast showed C. utilis resistance to all antibiotics used except Nystatin while the yeast C. krusei was sensitive to all antibiotics and was resistant to Candizole and Nystatin. The rest of the isolates varied in the resistance to the antibiotics used.

Relationship of some Risk Factors and Bacterial Contamination Associated with Dialysis to Patients in some Mosul Hospital

Raad M. Mahmmod; Amera M. Al-Rawi

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 30-38
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2020.165362

The research was conducted on dialysis patients at Ibn Sina Teaching Hospital                        (alternative site) in Mosul / Nineveh Governorate. Where the study included 90 blood samples from the patients as well as swabs from the washing machine with recording information related to chronic diseases and the age and gender of all patients under study. Isolation and identification of the accompanying and contaminating bacteria was done using morphological and biochemical tests then by using Vitek device.                                                                                  
The results of the current study showed that age group 56-46 years are more likely to suffer from kidney failure at a rate of 26.66%, while the age group with the lowest infection was 76-85 year, with a rate of 1.11%. Males are more likely to have renal failure at 57.77% compared to 42.22% for females. High blood pressure may be the leading cause of kidney failure, and 50% of all patients. Bacteremia was appeared in hemodialysis patients in 11.11. Staphylococcus aureus came in at 44.44%, Burkholderia cepacia complex was isolated by 33.33%, and Staphylococcus haemolyticus was isolated by 22.22%. Contamination of dialysis devices reached 40%, and the causative bacteria, Coagulase negative Staphylococci, reached 100%.                                           

Regenerated of Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) Plants from Differentiation of the Hypocotyl Stems Callus of its Seedlings

Safwan J. Sultan; Amjad Abdul-Hadi Mohammed

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 39-50
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2020.165364

The current study produced broccoli plants (Brassica oleracea var. italica) from the differentiation the hypocotyl stems callus of its seedlings and succeed of their adaptation and transferred to the soil. The results showed the difference in ratio of callus initiation with different type of plant growth regulators Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA), 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), Indole-3-butyricacid (IBA), Benzyl adenine (BA) and their concentrations which used in this study. The interaction of IBA and BA had an efficient role of increasing the initiation ratios. Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with 1.0 mg L-1 IBA and 2.0 mg L-1 BA superiority in registered initiation ratio reached 100% after 11 days of the cultivation, and with its continued growth it produced typical callus cultures. The continued of callus subculture on the same initiation medium led to spontaneous production of 142 shoots produced from 50 pieces of callus. These regenerated shoots easily rooted in the MSO medium with full strength at ratio 100%, and with continued growth and formation of efficient root groups, they were successfully adapted to the soil within the pots in the greenhouse. 

Reinforcement Effect of Alumina and Silica on the Mechanical Properties of Mixture Polyesters (Unsaturated Polyester / Polyurethane)

Haneen M. Ali; Raad A. Rasool; Soham Y. Moustafa

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 51-63
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2020.165365

In this study composite materials were prepared from based polymer mixture                                             (B) (UPE/PU, 95/5) supported by alumina powders and silica with grain sizes (75 - 150) μm, these samples were tested B and B1, B2 and B3 respectively.
       The samples were subjected to mechanical tests represented by bending test, compression, hardness and impact at laboratory temperature. The results showed that the Young modulus of bending test increased by increasing the strength, and the fracture resistance was reduced by increasing the reinforcement. As for compressive resistance, the maximum compressive resistance was for alumina - supported (B1) sample 51.29 MPa. The Hardness was increased by increasing reinforcement with a maximum value of 94.5 Hs.

Using Different Equations of States to Study Volume Ratio, Bulk Modulus and Energy Gap in Nano Ge Under High Pressure

Asmaa fareed Abdulateef; Adnan M. Al-Shiekh

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 64-72
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2020.165366

This research has been used EOSs (Birch-Muranghan, Vinet, mL-J, Thomsen and Madan) to study the effect of high pressure on  nano-Ge parameters by calculating compressed volume V/Vo, Bulk modulus BT, Energy gap Eg, under high pressure. All equations used showed compatibility with the experimental results for calculating V/Vo of nano-Ge under high pressure, an increase in the Bulk modulus BT with an increase in high pressure and an increase in the energy gap of nano Ge with high pressure.

Design and Implementation of Tri Band Microstrip Patch Antenna with Bandwidth Enhancement for GSM, WLAN, WiMAX system

Ahmed Abdulkareem Ahmed Luhaiby; Fares S. Alatallah; Yessar. E. Mohammed Ali

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 73-85
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2020.165368

In this research design of tri-band microstrip antenna suitable for wireless GSM, WLAN and WiMAX application. The total size of the proposed antenna (107 × 110 × 1.6) mm3. The substrate material type is FR-4(epoxy). Return losses of -34.328 dB, bandwidth 24.8%, gain 2.8738 dB at frequency 0.912 GHz and return losses -37.375 dB, bandwidth 52.33%, gain 2.0411 dB at frequency 1.842 GHz and  return losses -27.753 dB , bandwidth 40%, gain 4.4762 dB at frequency 2.4 GHz and  return losses -33.471 dB, bandwidth 4%, gain 4.9543 dB at frequency 3.534 GHz.                     
The simulated results are obtained using the software computer simulation technology CST. The simulated results are verified with experimental results which are in acceptable agreement.

Assessment of Radiation Hazards in Soil Samples from some Selected Areas of Mosul City in Iraq

Zainab N. Hamoo; Laith A. Najam

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 86-94
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2020.165370

Naturally radionuclides that present in soil such as 226Ra,232Th and 40K contribute in large amount of radiation that population exposed in these areas, the assessment of radiation levels is very important to evaluate radiological hazards  due to exposure radiation  and comparing these results with the recommended world average values.                                                                                                            
         In this study we measure the levels of natural radioactivity of some areas from Mosul city, north of Iraq. We used gamma-spectroscopy NaI(Tl) detector and estimated the activity concentration levels of natural radionuclides in soil. Results show that the concentration of radionuclides of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K was ranged from (6.2±0.10-26.51±0.44) Bq/kg with mean value 11.06±0.18 Bq/kg for 226Ra and between (11.33±0.82- 40.78±2.77) Bq/kg with mean value 24.82±1.75 Bq/kg for 232Th, While the concentration radio-isotope of 40K was (82.88±1.53-482.42±7.85)Bq/kg with mean value 228.83±3.93 Bq/kg.                                                                                  
         Radiological hazard Indices were determined according to the activity concentration for these radionuclides in the areas under study of Mosul city, the results show that the values of Radium equivalent Req were ranged between (36.89-104.61) Bq/kg with mean 69.98 Bq/kg which is less than the recommended world values that mustn`t exceed 370 Bq/kg. While the values of absorbed dose Dr were ranged between (17.5-48.05) nGy/h with mean 32.21 nGy/h which also less that the recommended world values that equal 60 nGy/h, where the external and internal radiological indices were ranged between 0.099-0.282 with mean value 0.188 for Hex and between (0.118-0.341) with mean 0.219 for Hin ,where these mean values are within the world mean values (not exceed from one) and finally the results show  that the magnitude of gamma index (Iɣ) ranged between (0.278-0.766) with mean value 0.522 and  also these values are less than the world average                  (not exceed from one).from this study we can concluded that there is no radiological hazard due to the direct and continuous exposure of radiation on human and organisms that lives in Mosul city.                

Sterilization of Culture Media for Microorganisms Using a Microwave Oven Instead of Autoclave

Suzan A. Shareef; Payman A. Hamasaeed; Abdulilah S. Ismaeil

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2019, Volume 28, Issue 1, Pages 1-6
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2019.159390

Different culture media in different volumes were exposed to microwave (MW) irradiation for 2, 3 and 4 minutes to investigate the ability of MW to destroy microorganisms and compared with media sterilized by conventional autoclaving method. MW sterilized media were screened for microbial growth.
Exposure of different microorganisms to microwave irradiation resulted in destruction of all microorganisms within 3 minutes. Using MW for irradiation is a practical, easy, rapid and energy saving way to sterilize different types of culture media with no effects on the quality of culture media and microbial growth after sterilization. It can be used as alternative apparatus instead of autoclave in microbiology laboratories for preparing different sizes in rapid and routine experiments especially in the conditions of the weak electricity current and interruption

Spectrophotometric Determination of Cobalt(II) with Mordant Blue 9 -Application to Vitamin B12 (Injections and Powder)

Saddalah T. Sulaiman; Tamathir A. Hamoudi

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2018, Volume 27, Issue 2, Pages 93-102
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2018.145394

A spectrophotometric method has been developed for determination of cobalt with Mordant Blue 9 in presence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) in order to form an intense violet-colored chelate which exhibits maximum absorption at 586 nm at pH 3. Beer’s law is obeyed over the range of 0.004 -1 ppm with a molar absorptivity 3.97×104 l.mol-1.cm-1, Sandell’s sensitivity index of 1.484 ng.cm-2, while LOD (limit of dedication), LOQ (limit of quantitation) are found to be 4.006 ng/ml (n=10) and 13.353 ng/ml (n=10), respectively. The method has been applied for determination of Co(II) in pharmaceutical preparations.

Total Efficiency and Output Power of Nd:YAG Laser with Spatial Interaction Efficiency Factor

Watfa K. Younis; Farouk A. Kasir

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2006, Volume 17, Issue 3, Pages 78-87
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2006.43412

Optimum total efficiency and output power were derived for Nd:YAG laser with symmetrical resonator configuration, taking into account a new interaction factor called spatial interaction efficiency factor. Under the assumption of the same pumping power and the same resonator losses, the results interacted a lower output power and higher lasing threshold provided that the mirror reflectivity was optimized as compared with a laser system that did not take the spatial interaction efficiency factor into consideration.

Genetical Analysis of Self-Fertilized Generation Variances in Two Durum Wheat Crosses

Nabeel T. Al-Badrany; Najeeb K. Yousif; Ghada A. Al-Hamdany

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2012, Volume 23, Issue 6, Pages 68-82
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2012.59623

Phenotypic variance in parents and third generation were analyzed to estimate the additive genetic variance, dominance genetic variance, environmental variance, average degree of dominance, heritability in broad sense, heritability in narrow sense and expected genetic advance from selection in F3 generation, of two crosses in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.), the first cross between Azeghar-1 and Um-Rabie-5 and the second cross between Leeds and Waha for traits, heading time, flag leaf venation, plant height, peduncle length, number of spike, spike length, grain yield, 100 grains weight and number of grains per spike. Average degree of dominance revealed the different types of dominance for the studied traits, the values of narrow sense heritability were high for plant height, peduncle length, number of spikes, grain yield and number of grains per spikes in both crosses, spike length and weight of 100 grains in first cross, and flag leaf venation in second cross.

The Applications of Al- Chrome Azurol S Color Reaction to Assay Mishraq Alum Purity and Fluoride in Tablet

Hanan H. Ahmad; Farha K. Omar

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2011, Volume 22, Issue 6, Pages 60-72
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2011.6530

In the present research, a spectrophotometric method is suggested as an alternative to the gravimetric method used to find mishraq alum purity. The method is based on the complex formation between aluminium ion and either Chrome Azurol S (CAS) or Eriochrome cyanine R (ECR) to give colored products suitable for the determination of aluminium. The same reaction has been applied to the determination of fluoride in tablet, depending on the bleaching effect of fluoride on the formed aluminium colored complex. Statistical comparison of method has given satisfactory results

Isolation and Identification of Uncommon Bacteria from Different Infections with Detection some Virulence Factors

Luai M.I. Al-Douri; Mohammed N. Maaroof

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2018, Volume 27, Issue 4, Pages 321-333
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2018.159328

A total of 220 samples were collected from different sources of infection from the patients of Tikrit Hospital and Samarra Teaching Hospital who showed symptoms of infection, both sexes and different age groups for the period from April 2017 to January 2018. The results of the isolating showed that the number of samples that showed positive bacterial growth on the used media was 135 samples (61.4%),while 85 samples (38.6%) of total samples did not produce significant bacterial growth, The common bacteria isolates in our study were the highest number of isolates with a total of 111 samples and 82.2%, the uncommon bacterial isolates showed in 24 growth samples (17.8%). The results showed that Morganella morganii had the highest percentage of isolates by 3 isolates (12.5%), followed by Aerococcus urinae, Pseudomonas stutzeri, Micrococcus luteus with isolates (8.2%), for other species, only one isolate (4.2%) was obtained, All isolates showed an absolute sensitivity of 100% for Imipenem and 100% absolute resistance to 10 antibiotics,the results showed that both bacteria Kocuria kristinae, O. anthropi, have three virulence factors, Protease, Urease, β-lactamase, While the bacterial species Sphingomonas paucimobilis, Gemella sanguinis, Aerococcus urinae, Pseudomonas stutzeri, Pseudomonas fluorescens, gave a positive test result for the production of β-lactamase, Hemolysin, while Morganella morganii, Alloiococcus Otitis have two factor, Urease, Β-lactamase. As for the isolates Pantoea agglomerans, Kocuria rosea has shown its ability to produce only one type of β-lactamase β-lactamase.

Contamination of Domestic Well Water in Nineveh Governorate with some Pathogenic Bacteria and Detection on its Ability to Biofilm Formation

Amera M. Al-Rawi; Manar F. Altaee

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2019, Volume 28, Issue 3, Pages 90-104
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2019.163162

Due to the unavailability of the drinking water in Mosul city in the period between                      (2014-2017), people started digging wells in their houses to use it in daily life for consumption and irrigation. Forty well water samples were chosen for this study in living quarters (AL-Dubat, Adan, AL-Mouthana, AL-Noor, AL-Zhoor, AL-Jamiea, AL-Falah, AL-Baker). Some pathogenic bacteria were isolated and identified from well water digged in different areas in the left side of Mosul city and to study reconciliation to human consumption. Results showed that fifty-six bacterial isolates obtained included 21 of Escherichia coli, 10 of Aeromonas hydrophila, 8 of Pseudomonas aeroginosa, 7 of Pseudomonas florescens, and show two species ofKlebsiellabacteria, Klebsiella pneumonia and Klebsiella oxytoca 6 and 4 respectively.
Then the ability of these bacterial isolates to form biofilm was studied by using two methods; Tube method and Congo red method, isolates gave 100% positive results in its ability to biofilm formation by tube method. While by congo red Aeromonas and Pseudomons were unable to form biofilm.
Also the study included determination of antibiotic  sensitivity and resistance of bacterial isolates to different antibiotics as it is considered one of the important virulence factors , Results showed that there is variation in its sensitivity and resistance to these antibiotics.

Estimation of the Concentrations of some Heavy Metals in Water and Sediments of Tigris River in Mosul City

Eman S. Al-Sarraj; Muna H. Jankeer; Sati M. Al-Rawi

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2019, Volume 28, Issue 1, Pages 1-10
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2019.159401

Tigris river is considered among the most important sources of water in Iraq. Therefore, an ecological study has been conducted on this river within a stretch in Mosul city starting from Mushirfa site north till Al-Busaif village in the south. The study aimed at verifying the impact of various pollutants including heavy metals on water and sediments. The study started on Spring 2011 through Winter 2012.
The heavy metals have been extracted by stander method using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer and the estimation of some heavy metal concentrations such as (Zn, Cu, Cd, and Pb) in river water and sediments has been done.
The result reveled a significant increase in the concentration of studied heavy metals in water and sediments in the area of Al-Busaif compared with Mushirfa area (as a control group). The concentration of heavy metal in water followed the descending order: Zn< Cu< Pb .

Isolation and Diagnosis of Some Auxins and Cytokinines in Seedlings and Callus of Nigella sativa L.

Rehab A. Al-Baker

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2008, Volume 19, Issue 2, Pages 1-14
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2008.42266

This study included detection the content of callus and seedlings of
Nigella sativa L. IAA (Indole-3-acetic Acid) and 2,4-D (2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid) of Auxins, BA (Benzyl Adenine) and kinetin of the cytokinines, the pure extraction of callus and seedlings were prepared by the use of 80 % Ethanol, diagnosis of plant growth regulators was carried out by using thin layer chromatography technique (TLC) which proved that Rf values of spots separated from callus were (0.97 / 0.62 / 0.96) which were nearly to that Rf values of the spots of standards of IAA, 2,4-D and BA which were (0.95 / 0.67 / 0.96) respectively. Also the results showed that the Rf values of spots separated from seedling extract were (0.94 / 0.78 / 0.95) which were nearly that Rf of IAA, BA and kinetin (0.95 / 0.74 / 0.96) respectively.
colorimetric method depended on salkoweski reagent was used for estimation of IAA in callus and seedling extracts of Nigella sativa, the results showed that seedling content of IAA almost reached to 20 Mg/g fresh weight, while callus extract gives 11 Mg/g fresh weight.

Cellulytic, Pectolytic and Protease Enzymes of the Fungi Trichoderma pseudokomngii, Trichoderma harizianum and Gliocladium roseum Used in Biological Control

Ghada A. Al-Hamdany

Rafidain Journal of Science, 2008, Volume 19, Issue 4, Pages 94-102
DOI: 10.33899/rjs.2008.41993

The ability of the fungi Trichoderma pseudokomngii, Trichoderma
harizianum and Gliocladium roseum to produce Polygalacturonase (PG),
Polygalacturonase transeliminase (PGT), Carboxy methyl cellulase (CMCase) and protease were studied in culture medium filtrates as well as mycelial mats. The study revealed that (PG) in the culture medium filtrate of each fungus had higher activity than in that in the mycelial mat. While there is no significant difference in it's activity between the culture medium filtrate and mycelial mat in the three fungi (PGT) activity of
T. harizianum culture medium filtrate had significant difference from that of the other fungi wheares (PGT) had significant difference between G. roseum culture medium filtrate and it's mycelial mat. While T. pseudokomngii had the reverse. The results revealed that there is no significant difference in the (CMCase) activity of the culture medium filtrate for T. pseudokomngii and T. harizianum. Also no significant difference has been found in the enzyme activity of the mycelial mat for the three fungi. The enzymeprotease had higher activity in the G. roseum culture medium than of
T. pseudokomngii and T. harizianum .

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